Our Story

Since the company was founded in 1907, Union Line clothing and garments have been part of the fabric of America throughout some of the most important parts of US history.

Union Line’s values have been to be a family first company from the beginning that cares about its workers and their families. The first 25 employees of Union Line were part of the Rubin family.

The very first garment made by Union Line, the company founded by Hyman Rubin and Oscar Rubin, were dungarees and non-riveted jeans. Union Line and the Rubin Brothers started a successful line of USA made non-riveted jeans used by UAW on assembly lines helping to manufacture some of the country’s first popular automobiles right off the bat for the company.

The contributions to American history from Union Line’s USA made garments grew from supplying US UAW members. Union Line was asked to manufacture military uniforms during World War II as it grew and began to transition to a second generation run-company with Maurice Rubin.

After the end of World War II, manufacturing companies began seeing moves to the south as better for the businesses as steel mills and other plants began to emerge, grow, and move. The Rubin’s kept Union Line in Chicago, Illinois and worked with Westex to make flame resistant garments with their fabric. Union Line began manufacturing its first industrial FR cotton garments in 1958 and began providing upwards of 80,000 workers in steel mills with these protective, comfortable garments.

Union Line experienced more growth heading into the 20th century as it once again transitioned, this time to a third-generation Rubin run company with David Rubin. The manufacturing plant in Chicago expanded its building space and dedicated four floors to sewing in the plant, essentially marking each floor its own mini-manufacturer of different garments.

With this growth, once again Union Line’s contributions to the American workforce also grew. The company began manufacturing union-made jackets for the New York Fire Department.

The same jackets worn by the NYFD was also worn by George W. Bush when he threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium in the first game after 9/11.


The company has even come full circle after David Rubin brought back the manufacturing of Union Line’s dungaree’s and non-riveted jeans that the company’s success was built upon.

Union Line and National Safety Apparel’s values of being a family made company, commitment to its workers, USA made garments, and commitment to high-quality safety gear and clothing make the impact in the US even greater.

Customers can count on high-quality garments that are USA, union-made for everyday and workwear thanks to listening to what customers actually want to wear.

Find out how to buy Union Line Apparel, contact our easy to reach customer service team with questions or suggestions, or request a catalog of our latest apparel. 


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